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So, you are time-starved and meeting your social media marketing goals seems like a distant dream?

Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a list of a few proven record-breaking, top-of-the-line tools that can help skyrocket your social media marketing efforts.

From scheduling the times your social media messages are posted to conducting a detailed analysis of how well users are responding to your content, these tools can help ensure the success of your social media strategy.

1. Buffer

Looking for a campaign management tool that can let you schedule any kind of social post on any platform you can think of?

Enter Buffer.

Besides letting you design specific posting patterns and schedules, Buffer also features an analytics dashboard for all posts within specific timeframes, allowing you to evaluate the performance and engagement of your posts. This, in turn, increases effectiveness and productivity.

2. BuzzSumo

Dealing with the inevitable writer’s block or running out of ideas for your social media content?

If yes, this is where BuzzSumo can come to your rescue.

Acting as the perfect idea generator for new content topics and articles to share, BuzzSumo lets you use filters to see whatever types of content you want, whether you’re looking to share:

• articles

• articles

• infographics

• videos

• giveaways

• interviews

• guest posts

3. Sprout Social

An all-in-one social media marketing tool, Sprout Social comes with a plethora of features, such as scheduling capabilities, analytics platform, social listening functions and multi-level access for tight coordination between teams.

What’s more?

Its analytics features make customer relationships management a smooth sail. Geared toward engagement tracking, the features enable you to foster and nurture relationships through fast and efficient responses to comments and requests.

4. Canva

Is graphic design one of your biggest weaknesses?

Don’t fret, for Canva is here.

Don’t fret, for Canva is here.

With more emphasis being paid to visual content, it has become all the way more important for images and videos on social media to be on point. Providing you with a suite of tools and templates, Canva can help you create top-notch social media content for a wide range of platforms. From coming up with ads on Facebook to creating complicated infographics or beautiful presentations and letters, Canva can become your go-to resource.

Final Thoughts

Keeping up with the engagement demands in today’s social media landscape is more difficult than ever. However, the aforementioned tools can not only help optimize your time but they can also aid in meeting your exact social media marketing needs and solving your campaign’s biggest challenges efficiently. So, what are you waiting for? Start making the most of these tools and take your social media marketing strategy to the next level.

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