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B2B marketing checklist that you can’t afford to miss

Posted by Mad Group
B2B Marketing

Rapid technological advancements and frequent fluctuations in customer behaviour have compelled new age marketers to constantly look for new and innovative ways to market their product. Moreover, organisational and cultural shift has also pushed B2B marketing in new directions.


Move away from the old practices and embrace these new trends for the growth of your B2B business.


1. Building personalised connect


Customer-centric marketing is going to take the centre stage. Marketers are now focussing on creating a more personalised connect with their consumers. Customer experience has become primary consideration. Quizzes, surveys and interactive videos are a great way to revitalize your communication. The more you know about your customers, the more it helps you to build a long-lasting bond with them.


2. Marketing automation


The demand for marketing automation is on the rise. It simplifies the tasks of profiling customers on web pages and landing pages, sending personalized emails and understanding their behaviour. Marketing automation, if used appropriately, promises to increase the overall efficiency of marketing.


3. Email newsletters take over as new brand magazine


This year, email newsletters will serve a huge purpose of keeping the customers aware of your brand. It will also allow you to assess how your customers reciprocate to your message. Create your own brand magazine and ensure your newsletter strikes the right chord with creativity and informative industry data.


4. Multimedia content creation


Nowadays, audiences are becoming more familiar with audio-visual forms of content, instead of conventional copy. This year B2B marketing is likely to involve more multimedia content to nurture fresh business-to-business leads.


LinkedIn will become a stronger channel for lead-generation and creating brand awareness. It is emerging as a strong marketing promotional platform for B2B companies. According to a survey, 79% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn as an effective source of lead generation.


5. Influencer marketing gets bigger


Influencer marketing is becoming bigger and impactful. It has also become a reliable selling tool. There are different varieties of influencers across social media that affects the purchasing decisions of people in a huge way. There are also business-oriented influencers that can reach a wide range audience in B2B sphere.

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