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Here’s why digital branding is the new marketing mantra

Posted by Mad Group
May 28 2018
Digital Branding

A company's digital presence has become really important to establish their brand. Digital branding is a vital step for building a successful business as it gives access to all kinds of businesses to the mass market at a considerably reasonable price.


It requires more than just functionality to create a loyal base of customers. Taking into consideration the online environment changes and fluctuating user behaviours, we can clearly see the benefits of branding.


1. Digital branding assures constant communication


Digital branding allows greater interaction with potential as well as loyal customers. Today customers are exposed to multiple online reviews, which have a huge influence on the... READ MORE

B2B marketing checklist that you can’t afford to miss

Posted by Mad Group
May 28 2018
B2B Marketing

Rapid technological advancements and frequent fluctuations in customer behaviour have compelled new age marketers to constantly look for new and innovative ways to market their product. Moreover, organisational and cultural shift has also pushed B2B marketing in new directions.


Move away from the old practices and embrace these new trends for the growth of your B2B business.


1. Building personalised connect


Customer-centric marketing is going to take the centre stage. Marketers are now focussing on creating a more personalised connect with their consumers. Customer experience has become primary consideration. Quizzes, surveys and interactive videos are a great way to revitalize your c... READ MORE

The top three trends which are creating the future of digital marketing

Posted by Mad Group
Dec 01 2017
Digital Marketing

Keywords: digital marketing, online marketing, social media, brand marketing, content, engaging, video advertising, mobile 3 Major Trends That Will Transform the Digital Marketing Space in 2018 Augmented reality and native advertising dominated 2017. They took digital marketing to a whole new level. As the world is all set to usher in 2018, it’s time to focus on trends that will define 2018. Your branded content must resonate with your target audience. For that to happen, your content campaigns and brand marketing strategies need to keep up with the ever-evolving online marketing landscape.

Wondering, what trends you need to incorporate into your strategic planning process for 20... READ MORE


Posted by Mad Group
Nov 18 2017
Digital Marketing

You are looking for surefire ways to maximize your business' online presence?

Increasing your business' digital presence is similar to bowling a strike - it looks simpler than it actually is. Don't fret.

We've compiled a list of suggestions that can help you drive that all-important traffic to your site and eventually reap rewards.

1. Invest in Online Advertising Channels

From Facebook ad campaigns to Google AdWords, you can use these channels to reach the right demographics for your business. Moreover, using the right metrics, such as your customers'... READ MORE


Posted by Mad Group
Oct 05 2017
Digital Marketing

Aren’t we all too familiar with how good SEO practices can organically improve your search engine rankings?

Despite that, SEO is not given as much attention as it deserves.

If you want to keep your rankings up in 2017 and beyond, you need to steer clear of the following SEO blunders.

1. Lack of Content Strategy and Optimization

Wondering, why aren’t you seeing any result despite producing excellent content?

Chances are that lack of optimization or a content strategy is ... READ MORE


Posted by Mad Group
Jul 17 2017
Digital Marketing

So, you are time-starved and meeting your social media marketing goals seems like a distant dream?

Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a list of a few proven record-breaking, top-of-the-line tools that can help skyrocket your social media marketing efforts.

From scheduling the times your social media messages are posted to conducting a detailed analysis of how well users are responding to your content, these tools can help ensure the success of your social media strategy.

1. Buffer

Looking for a campaign management tool... READ MORE


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